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Arrivals Malpensa Airport

Malpensa airport arrivals timetable and flight delays in real time.
During the arrivals the planes complete the phase landing the moment in which they make contact with the ground through the appropriate runways constructed in such a way as to make these operations safe. The angle of descent of the aircraft must be constant, currently the rules require a height minimum of 50 ft corresponding to 15m on the threshold of the runway along a straight trajectory inclined by -3° with respect to the horizon.
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A few moments before touching the ground of the runway, the pilot executes the transition or flare manoeuvre, gradually reducing the inclination of the trajectory by positioning the aircraft parallel to the runway, consequently allowing to come into contact gently with the same by means of the trolleys, first with the main one, successively with the front one.


There are road connections for arrivals at Malpensa Airport and railways in consideration of the distance of the airport from large urban centres. As far as rail connections are concerned, the Malpensa Express train departing from Milan Cadorna station, makes numerous journeys with different timetables, the journey time to cover the route takes about thirty minutes. The service is done from the Northern Railways.
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At the arrivals exit of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 there is a taxi station serving the public, while some buses of various bus lines allow road connections with some cities in Piedmont, of Lombardy, Liguria, Switzerland as well as with the airports of Linate, Orio al Serio and the central station of Milan.
Connections with Bellinzona


Switzerland is connected to Malpensa Airport with the new Tilo trains on the Bellinzona Luino Gallarate route. The modern Flirt electric trains guarantee higher quality of travel than to other types of train, even though they are especially designed for local traffic. On occasions of the arrivals at malpensa airport, the new connections with the Canton of Ticino between Bellinzona - Malpensa take place along the line of Lake Maggiore up to Laveno, then go down to Gallarate, Busto Arsizio And Malpensa also connecting the Busto FS and FNM stations.
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The flight times and arrivals at Malpensa airport and any delays on the scheduled time are listed below in real time.
With regard to transport by bus and bus, Malpensa Airport is connected with various locations, in fact, some services are operational which allow connections with Milan, Lake Maggiore, Domodossola, Gallarate, Castelnovate, Turin, Novara, Como, Menaggio, Brescia, Bergamo, Genoa, Bologna, Verona, Linate Airport, Bellinzona, Lugano and Chiasso. The Milano Centrale railway station is connected every 20 minutes with the arrivals terminal of the airport, via the Gran Turismo Malpensa Shuttle coaches. While from Switzerland, Bellinzona, Lugano and Chiasso are punctually connected by comfortable and cheap buses of the authorized company Malpensa Express by Giosy Tours SA of Sant'Antonino.

Malpensa Shuttle
The Gran Turismo Malpensa Shuttle coaches connect, during the day with departures every 20 minutes, Milan Central Station with Malpensa, there are also night trips.
Linate is connected to both Malpensa terminals by bus.
During the events and exhibitions of the Fiera di Milano there are special stops for the Malpensa Shuttle buses coming from Malpensa airport.

Orio Shuttle
By bus, the service connects with several daily trips L' Malpensa Airport T1 and T2 with the Orio al Serio Airport of Bergamo with a journey time of about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Milan Central Railway Station from 4 to 23 is connected by bus of the Autostradale service with direct buses to the Malpensa T1 airport arrivals and departures, the journey takes about 50 minutes. The Service is performed in ATI by: STIE S.p.A. - STARLodi S.p.A. - AUTOSTRADALE S.r.l. - CARONTE S.r.l.

Giosy Tours SA
With the Malpensa Express bus, it offers scheduled services to Malpensa airport leaving every two hours from Bellinzona, Lugano and Chiasso,

It includes bus rides from the Principe station of Genoa, with stops at Casale Ristorante i Templari - Bar Industria e Alessandria - San Michele - via Casale 44 behind Hotel Al Mulino. Further information on the website

connects the Piedmontese city of Turin to the Milanese airport with bus departures Municipal bus station Vittorio Emanuele II 131/H, the bus leaves from stall no. 6, journey time around 2 hours. The transport service is subject to reservations required e ticket purchase can be made by credit card credit from the website or from one of the resellers authorized.

Departures from Pavia Via Trieste.

STN - Novaresi Transport Company Srl
It connects the city of Novara to Malpensa airport with departures from the bus station, tickets can be purchased at board the bus. Intermediate stops Novara railway station, Veveri, SS 32 Trattoria San Rocco, Bellinzago v. Freedom no. 141, Oleggio v. Novara, 56 distributor height.

SP extension
Menaggio Como - Piazza Garibaldi Railway station Courier/P.zza Cavour

Borgomanero departures from the bus station.

from Varese with departures from the FNM railway station.

S.A.F. Company Autoservizi Fontaneto Srl
The Alibus shuttle connects Malpensa airport to the towns of Lake Maggiore, it is a service to call connecting the airport of Malpensa where the user must book his trip, choosing from the fixed times, by 11.00 on the day before the departure date. The municipalities involved are Verbania Intra, Verbania Pallanza, Verbania Suna, Verbania Fondotoce, Feriolo, Baveno, Stresa, Belgirate, Lesa, Solcio, Meina, Arona starting from piazzale FS, Dormelletto.

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