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Meaning and glossary of terms used on the site and explanation of terms.

Iata airport code is made up of three alphabetical letters to distinguish the airports of the world. They are used by airlines to manage schedules, airline ticket reservations and baggage. The abbreviations are highlighted on the baggage tags at the airport check-in, indicating the relative destination. For example the Malpensa Airport of Milan is indicated with the acronym MXP.


The ICAO codes in the Technical Glossary are used by air traffic control and in operations such as flight planning. They have a regional structure, i.e. the first letter is allocated by geographical area, the second identifies a nation on the continent, the last two identify the locality. In the case of the Malpensa airport the distinctive acronym comes identified with the LIMC code

referring to the airlines, it is the basis used to develop the passenger and cargo air transport networks, as well as the maintenance of aircraft.

Check in
The English term Check-in indicates the passenger check-in operation at airports before making a flight. To register you must go to the counter of the airline of the flight concerned, with the relevant documents and luggage.

duty free shop,
with this name are indicated the shops located inside the airports that sell articles and products without applying state taxes and local.

The definition of Terminal means a structure that allows the transfer of passengers from land transport to air transport. Sometimes also referred to as an airport terminal, inside there are ticket offices, check-in desks, passenger waiting rooms, restaurants, bars, shops, gates, areas for control and the security.

The Gate represents the exit for boarding an aircraft. The term is of English origin.

Codeshare flights are an agreement between airlines in which one carrier markets a service and places its code on another carrier's flights, thereby. both aircraft codes are entered in one flight to ensure they are filled of the aircraft.

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