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The term MXP indicates the acronym of the IATA airport code relating to the Malpensa Airport of Milan, the identifying characters are highlighted on the tags applied to the luggage during the check-in operations airport check-in, in particular are used specifically to indicate the airport of destination of outbound baggage.


Although the IATA codes are widely used, sometimes the ICAO airport codes are also used as an alternative as international flights are planned and tracked using the designators of the International Civil Aviation Organization, abbreviated as ICAO. In this regard, we remind you that the Milan Malpensa Airport uses the following identifiers:
Iata : MXP
Icao : LIMC

IATA airport codes are published every three years in the IATA Airline Coding Directory and are defined by the International Air Transport Association abbreviated I.A.T.A.. The administration of the international codes is handled by the IATA headquarters in Montreal, while the assignment is governed by the rules of IATA resolution 767. Currently the code MXP is in use at malpensa airport from Milan. The Organization also provides international codes for railway stations and for airport management companies.

The international airline organization IATA is headquartered in Montreal, Canada in the province of Quebec. Its foundation dates back to 1945 at the end of the Second World War in Havana, with the membership of 31 different nations, mainly in Europe and North America engaged in scheduled international air traffic, with the aim of assisting airlines and promote safe, regular and economic air transport for the benefit of humanity, as well as promote air trade and study related problems. Provide all means necessary for the cooperation of airlines that directly or indirectly serve international air transportation, cooperate with the Organization International Civil Aviation Authority ICAO.

For the application of tariffs relating to air tickets, Iata has divided the world into three geographically distinct zones, North and South America, Middle East, Africa and Europe where the Malpensa airport is present with the mxp code, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Currently the organization includes over 240 airlines representing about 100 nations of the world which together carry 95% of the traffic international airliner.

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